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Global Educational Initiative For Nigeria (GEIFON) is a non-governmental organization registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria, committed to promoting global educational partnerships. Located in Benin City, Nigeria, GEIFON aims at mobilizing the vast pool of highly-qualified Nigerian academics and professionals in developed countries for development of Nigeria while also providing a forum for connectivity and capacity-building in domestic institutions of higher learning.
Enhance the drive for excellence in diverse academic disciplines in Nigerian Institutions of higher Education, for social and technological development.
Nigeria, with a current population of about 140 million people, is the most populous black nation. Since independence from Britain in 1960, its educational system has witnessed phenomenal growth: for example, from one university (the University of Ibadan – previously a college of the University of London), over 70 universities today (comprising Federal, State and Private universities). The very high number of institutions of higher learning in Nigeria is strong testimony to the vibrancy of the Nigerian educational sector.
It is common knowledge that funding of Education in Nigeria, as in other developing countries, has not only been unsatisfactory but has also been dwindling, particularly, over the past 15-20 years. This trend is attributable to the prevailing negative economic climate. Consequently, Budgetary allocations to institutions can barely meet recurrent expenditures, with very limited funds available for capital expenditure, teaching and research. As a result of these constraints, the ability to support the conduct of high-quality scientific research has been seriously compromised. The combined effect of a depressed economy and a non-conducive work environment has resulted in the flight of an alarming number of highly-qualified Nigerian experts, in fields ranging from health and sciences to engineering and information technology to developed countries.

This has resulted in the reduction of the quantity and quality of human capital necessary for sustainable development – a phenomenon commonly described as “brain-drain”. To illustrate the severity of this problem, a 1993 UN Development Program report showed that 21,000 Nigerian doctors work in the United States, yet Nigeria's own health care system suffers from a serious shortage of trained personnel.There is a dire need for Nigerian higher education institutions to establish partnerships with institutions and agencies in developed countries, in order for Nigeria to participate actively in a globalized world. A number of factors which currently impede efforts at establishing linkage/partnership programs include:
  • Poor personnel motivation
  • Poor ICT facilities and most importantly,
  • Bureaucracy associated with governmental control structures.
The primary objective of Global Educational Initiative For Nigeria (GEIFON) is:
To serve as a major catalyst and forum for facilitating and strengthening global educational partnerships with Nigerian institutions and provide a platform for connectivity between scholars in the various institutions of higher learning in Nigeria.
GEIFON will achieve these objectives through a wide range of activities.
Create and maintain an official website; Organize a quarterly lecture/seminar/workshop series on diverse disciplines relevant to developmental growth of Nigeria; Stimulate Industry-University relationships through regular workshops and internships; Publish quarterly newsletters with timely information on Global Education and opportunities for growth and development in Nigerian Institutions of Higher Education; Develop exchange/study-abroad programmes for academic, technical personnel and students; Organize workshops and training programs as well as make recommendations on policy issues; Facilitate training programs for science and engineering technicians; Organize training workshops on Proposal writing and fundraising.
The Board of Trustees of GEIFON:

Prof. A.B. Ebeigbe - Executive Director
Prof. J.M Okoh - Member
Prof. Nosa Egiebor - Member
Prof. A.A. Famodu - Financial Secretary
Prof. A.O. Obasohan - Member
Sir Sylvester Egbase - Member
Dr. Sylvanus Oboh -Member
Dr. (Mrs.) R.O. Olubor - Member
Mr. Ifedayo Ajayi - Secretary
Mr. Josiah Ehima -Member
Egbuna C.M Obata - Legal Advisor

Prof. Nosa Egiebor (President)
Williams Emeka Obiozor (Secretary)
Dr. Emmanuel Acquah
Prof. Joseph Momah Okoh
Prof. Anthony B. Ebeigbe
Dr. Tito Isoken Aighewi
Establish an online database of highly-qualified Nigerian Academics and Professionals resident in Developed Countries
Affiliate with reputable international Institutions for the purpose of utilizing their resources for capacity-building in Nigerian Institutions of higher learning.
Promote active global networking for scholars in Nigerian higher educational institutions
Work with local and International partners to develop fundable multidisciplinary Research/Programme/Project proposals
Source donation of items of equipment, computers, books and other infrastructural materials to Nigerian Institutions
Promote the transfer of technology from developed countries to Nigeria through Nigerian experts working abroad.
Under the Nigerian Diaspora Program, GEIFON will limit the effect of “brain-drain” through the mobilization of highly-qualified Nigerians resident in developed countries
GEIFON will solicit international funding for short-term academic and professional visits by these experts, to institutions in Nigeria.
Explore and promote academic partnerships and linkages between institutions in the developed world and Nigerian institutions of higher learning.
Encourage access to sharing and dissemination of information, experiences and human and material resources among Nigerian Institutions of higher learning.
Promote Scientific and technological collaborations between industry and universities, for enhancement of academic experiences of lecturers and students and to facilitate national economic growth.
Cooperate with organisations within and outside Nigeria that have similar aims.
Individual Membership
Regular membership in GEIFON is open to individuals of any nationality who have keen interest in globalization of education.

Corporate Membership
Sustaining (or corporate) membership is open to organizations who have an interest in International Education Projects, in partnership with GEIFON. Members in this category will be invited to a meeting with the Board of Trustees during the Annual General Meeting.
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